Neo Rubber Products is one of the leading manufacturers of rubber rings in India. We have a technical team having more than 25 years of experience of research and application of rubber Compounding designing of the products to the user's satisfaction. In the past seven years, we have been benefited by getting more valuable orders from leading companies manufacturing Auto, Electrical, PVC Pipes and various other engineering products.

Our plants produce the quality and standard rubber rings in India, which are constantly upgraded with new technologies adapted to cater to the increasing sophistication of our client base by increasing our investments in our people and our resources.

We place emphasis on three fundamentals commitment to product excellence, commitment to customers and commitment to the industry.


Users of rubber products rightly accept it must comply both chemically and physically with a broad spectrum of differing requirements. Technically it must be able to withstand the engineers need easily and effectively, having a good economic sense as well. Although, Rubber from a long time been indispensable to the engineers, its development has been empirically based on trial and error rather than on scientific design.

Any Product bearing our name resembles reliable quality control, cutting-edge design and cost-efficient as standard. The achievement of ISO certification in rubber manufacturing bears testimony to our dedication.

Rubber Rings in India


We Process the capabilities to close the gap between your expectation on our experience.

  • All our products are Manufactured, packed and Delivered according to your specification and Production schedule
  • Manufactured on short lead times
  • We can manufacture products according to your requirements, it can be from Hundred to Millions
  • Accompanied by Quality documentation to satisfy Global Market demands when necessary
  • For all types of Industries