Union O Rings & FTA Rings

O Ring Manufacturers in India

Sizes Available

Door Rings40mm
Door Rings50mm
Door Rings63mm
Door Rings75mm
Door Rings90mm
Door Rings110mm

Product Description

The NEO RUBBER PP CORD LOCK seal meets or exceeds present European standards for waste water lines both for indoor and underground. Furthermore the seal design gives low assembly forces making pipe jointing easier. NEO RUBBER PP CORD LOCK seal is a sealing system for plastic pipes for indoor and underground wastewater applications and for cable protection. It is an integrated system where the seal and mandrel act together as a tool to form the pipe socket during pipe manufacture. NEO RUBBER PP CORD LOCK seal is a composite seal consisting of a flexible rubber element to seal effectively against spigot and socket, a polypropylene reinforcement element, bonded to the rubber, which holds the seal firmly in place. The seal becomes part of the socket forming tool used to shape it´s own seal groove reducing irregularities and tolerances in the socket.