Sprinkler Rubber Ring

Sizes Available

Sprinkler Rubber Ring63mm
Sprinkler Rubber Ring75mm
Sprinkler Rubber Ring90mm
Sprinkler Rubber Ring110mm
Sprinkler Rubber Ring160mm

Product Description

The Sprinkler Rubber Ring India manufactured by Neo Rubber Products meets or exceeds present industry standards. Neo Rubber products deliver the best irrigation sprinkler rubber ring in India. Modern Machinery and up-to-date material and production know-how, together with highly motivated and excellently trained staff, are the vital ingredients in Neo Rubber production process. It is best suitable for fitting in water sprinklers for its durability to last in extreme moisture condition. We have gained our customers’ trust for the high-level quality of the product. Currently, Neo Rubber is a leading manufacturer for Sprinkler Rubber Ring in India.